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Welcome to our Junior section



Welcome to our Junior section...

Our Junior League was started in September 2006. We currently have 2 divisions in the winter league, for children in school years 7 to 10. Once children reach 14 years old they can then progress into our senior section.

In April 2008 we have decided to include children in school year 6 in our summer league, therefore having 3 divisions during the summer.

Winter League

Our winter league starts in September and the 2 divisions play on alternative weeks upto the end of March. To see when your games are please check out the fixtures page. All the matches start at 6.20pm and consist of 4 x 10 minute quarters.

We currently have 23 teams involved in the winter league.

Summer League

Our summer league starts in April and the divisions play on alternative weeks upto the middle of July. The games are in the same format as the winter league with the only difference being that we have a third division to include school year 6 children.

We currently have 17 teams registered for the summer league

If you would like any information about the junior league please check out the different sections on the website or alternatively contact Lorna Rutter.

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Versatile Rally - Division 2 - Winners - Windsor Regals
Most Consistent Player in Rubies
Most Improved Player in Topaz
Most Improved Player in Sapphires
Versatile Rally - Division 2 - Runners Up - SH Scorpions
Most Improved player in the younger group
Division 2 - Runners Up - Finchampstead
Versatile Rally - Division 1 - Winners - Windsor Royals
Most Improved Player in Rubies